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Posted in Music, Site, video on February 26th, 2010 by will

Been a while, eh? Prodded by a kind soul who made a donation to this site today, I have made some updates.

First, check out The Whappers, a band I’ve been rocking with for a couple years or more. I have posted some songs from our early demo.

Also, there is Garbage Bear, another outfit I’ve been drumming with, and you will find free songs and a video there.

Lastly, I created a section for You Dirty Rats, a filthy rock band I’ve been enjoying the last month or so. We hope to play out soon, but for now I have posted some rehearsal songs and a video there.

All in all, I’m currently in three bands and am having a crap-load of fun!

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Posted in Music, video on July 20th, 2006 by will

I have started recording a series of videos, mostly of me playing the banjo. You can check them out on Youtube. Here is the first installment: