The Night Trotters

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I have created a page for my current act, The Night Trotters, here. You can check out our website here.

Let me know what you think!

My first solo album is out!

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You Dirty Rats EP Review

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The You Dirty Rats self-titled EP came out in July, and we got a nice write-up in the local indy rag:

If you haven’t heard it check these out:

Until I Get It Right


There is also a video for Palin here.

More tunes, show dates, and such at

Crain tunes

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I dug out some CD’s, and have found the following which I will be posting soon:

–Crain live on WMBR in Boston – 1991, produced (and remastered in 2008) by Bob Weston

–Crain live at Hampshire College – 4/4/1991

–Crain live at The Zodiac Club in Louisville 1/30/1991

–More tunes from the Sound on Sound sessions from 1990.

Stay tuned.

Cerebellum 2010 reunion videos

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I posted links to many of the videos found on Youtube from the May 15, 2010 reunion benefit show.

See here and here.

In case you didn’t know, we will be doing a second show July 31, 2010, at Skull Alley in Louisville. We will have longer to play, so expect some more Crain tunes.

The new Cerebellum EP is available for download

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If you haven’t been able to get your hands on one of the limited numbers of vinyl out there, you can wander over to and download a copy. The first side is a remastered version of the original 5-song cassette we released in 1989. The second side was recorded in April, 2010, and contains 5 songs we did back in the day but never took into the studio. Grab your self a little bit of Louisville music history!


Fresh Track from You Dirty Rats

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Here’s a new one we did a couple weeks ago called Palin. Let me know what you think!

You Dirty Rats – Palin

Bands, stuff, things, and more

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Been a while, eh? Prodded by a kind soul who made a donation to this site today, I have made some updates.

First, check out The Whappers, a band I’ve been rocking with for a couple years or more. I have posted some songs from our early demo.

Also, there is Garbage Bear, another outfit I’ve been drumming with, and you will find free songs and a video there.

Lastly, I created a section for You Dirty Rats, a filthy rock band I’ve been enjoying the last month or so. We hope to play out soon, but for now I have posted some rehearsal songs and a video there.

All in all, I’m currently in three bands and am having a crap-load of fun!

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The Whappers

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My current band, The Whappers, is playing its first real show tomorrow night. You can check out some tunes at the official web site, or on our MySpace page.

It’s straight-up rock and roll music, and I finally feel like I have my chops back on the drums. Check us out and let me know what you think!

New(er) Channel 18 tunes

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I finally got around to uploading some of the tunes Jeremy and I did back in the spring of this year. We had my pal Jay Altemose (Fantastic Life, Klink) come sit in on bass for the rather haphazard session in my living room.

Be sure to have a listen to these new Channel 18 songs.

Oh, and Jeremy, if you are reading this, I need you to re-send me the Sheepshagger tune that has vocals (and a different name) — I seem to have lost it.