Me & My 4-Track

me and my 4-track

Mostly recorded on a 4-Track cassette, these songs span 1992 to 2002.

Summertime Is Past and Gone – This was an at recording to a PC. This is a rough take, and no effort was made to go back and fix things. I played banjo, guitar, and sang both parts. Recorded 10/12/02.

Burgers and Fries – This was recorded on a 4-track in my dorm room in 1994 or so. I played drums, guitar, bass, and sang.

Meteor – Another 4-track song from 1994.

Short Wave X-mas – Recorded near Christmas 1995 in my parent’s house in Louisville, using only a 4-track recorder and my dad’s shortwave radio.

Ronald and Wendy – A further reflection of my fascination with fast food.