Crain was a band from Louisville, Kentucky, and was around from 1989 to 1996 or so. I was in the band until 1992. More info on the history of Crain can be found at and at Tim Furnish’s website.

Live on WMBR, Cambridge, Mass. – April, 1992

This was recorded by Bob Weston during Crain’s Speed LP tour in April of 1992.

The DC Sessions – April, 1992

These songs are from the 1992 Inner Ear Studio recording session in Washington, DC. Produced by Don Zientara. Originally released on three different compilation albums.

Visit for downloads and info about the reissue of Speed with these songs included.

  • Stabilizer – Guest backing vocals by Amy Pickering
  • Breathing Machine
  • Blistering

The Speed LP – 1991

The Speed LP was produced by Steve Albini, and was recorded in the basement studio in his house in Chicago. Much fun was had by all during the recording process.

Visit for downloads and info about the reissue of Speed.

Sound on Sound Sessions – 1989

17 songs were ambitiously recorded during this session, but only a handful were ever released. Here is that handful and a few more.

  • The Fuse – Originally released on a split 7-inch with Endpoint (then called Deathwatch) by Slamdek (More info here. The 7″ was numbered to 500 copies, and was given away free at a show at the Zodiac Club in Louisville. This is song featurs Drew Daniel (now of Matmos) singing from the 1989 Sound On Sound Studio session in Louisville.
  • Painful Answer – Originally released on Crain’s full-length 7″.
  • Proposed Production – Originally released on Crain’s full-length 7″.
  • Crawl Out Of The Water – The second of the two songs Drew Daniel sang on.
  • Fuckerman – Unreleased to this point.
  • Not Today – Unreleased to this point.
  • The Reach – Unreleased to this point.