Channel 18

Channel 18 started in Louisville around 1991. The original lineup was Jeremy Givens on guitar, Josh Peterson on bass, Will Chatham on drums, and a short stint by Tara Jane ONeil on vocals. Kevin Hyman did a little singing at one point as well. We never played any shows that I recall except a couple of parties.

In the srping of 2007, Jeremy made a trek to Asheville with gear in tow. We set up for two days of recording in my living room, and invited Jay Altemose to come play some bass with us. We did 4 songs on a semi-impromptu basis (we believe in the ‘first take is a keeper’ philosophy). Check them out here, now, for they ROCK:

  • Gold.mp3
  • Sheepshagger – Jeremy had some cool old organ thing which was the center piece to this tune. Terrible organ solo by yours truly 🙂
  • Shit In My Head – This turned out to be quite an experiment, with banjo, assorted noisemaking things, and an insane ‘shit in my head’ section in the middle.

In August of 2006 I had the pleasure of being back in Louisville for a few days, and Jeremy and I recorded the following tunes in an airplane hangar at Bowman Field. Jeremy did the guitar and bass work, while I played drums, tamborine, and banged the empty Diet Coke bottle on the floor. Sounds pretty good for using only the built-in Mic on Jeremy’s iBook and the Garage Band software.