Crain tunes

I dug out some CD’s, and have found the following which I will be posting soon:

–Crain live on WMBR in Boston – 1991, produced (and remastered in 2008) by Bob Weston

–Crain live at Hampshire College – 4/4/1991

–Crain live at The Zodiac Club in Louisville 1/30/1991

–More tunes from the Sound on Sound sessions from 1990.

Stay tuned.

6 Responses to “Crain tunes”

  1. John Says:

    Yes! Looking forward to these…

  2. Matt Says:

    Wow, that all sounds great. Thanks for continuing to add to the musical record of one of Louisville’s best bands.

  3. Al Says:

    so you guys made it to Boston? Sad to say, I didn’t hear about you guys until “Heater” came out but then went back and checked out the earlier stuff. I’d love to hear that WMBR recording. The recordings I’ve heard from there are stellar…

  4. will Says:

    The WMBR stuff is already available:


  5. Champion James Says:

    More Crain, please! Anything and everything by Crain. Especially the rest of the Sound on Sound session.

  6. Champion James Says:

    Okay, made a modest financial consideration in appreciation of the Crain tracks posted, and as a shameless bribe for more… got to grease the wheels of industry….

    By the way, why didn’t “Fuckerman” make the final cut for the Speed LP? Surely it wasn’t a question of the title? What a righteous song. And your drumming is superb on that, holding all that nervous energy together. Bravo.

    Shellac’s “Watch Song” must to some degree be an homage to “Fuckerman”… have they ever said so?

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