New(er) Channel 18 tunes

I finally got around to uploading some of the tunes Jeremy and I did back in the spring of this year. We had my pal Jay Altemose (Fantastic Life, Klink) come sit in on bass for the rather haphazard session in my living room.

Be sure to have a listen to these new Channel 18 songs.

Oh, and Jeremy, if you are reading this, I need you to re-send me the Sheepshagger tune that has vocals (and a different name) — I seem to have lost it.

2 Responses to “New(er) Channel 18 tunes”

  1. Marc Eye Says:

    Just came across this page as researching ole Jon Cook’s history. Great guy, soo sad we lost him so early.

    On Louisville music history page, you mention that Jon lived on 3rd street.
    That would actually be 4th street

    Rocket House = 1221 4th street


  2. will Says:

    Hey, thanks for catching that! Sorry it took so long for me to realize that you left this comment.

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